Common Exclusions in Renters Insurance


Common Exclusions in Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a must for most people who rent a condo, apartment, a home or another type of dwelling. Remember, your landlord’s insurance only protects his or her investment in the building. It does not protect your valuables from risks. You’ll appreciate having this type of policy should a fire occur or someone get injured within your space. Yet, not all policies and plans are the same. It’s important for renters to choose a policy that offers the protections they need.

A key area to look when comparing policies has to do with exclusions. Exclusions list items or incidents that are not covered. They are always written into the plan. Some typical exclusions found in renters insurance policies may include the following:

Ultimately, you know what’s valuable in your home. Talk to your insurance agent to find out if the coverage you have is enough to comprehensively cover all of your risks and all of your valuable belongings. If a standard policy doesn’t offer enough coverage, you can often add more coverage in the form of policy riders. It pays to be diligent and to ensure that all of your valuables are well protected.

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